2 Hours to 5 gallons: One Pot Brewing featured in Zymurgy article

For anyone who reads Zymurgy, the magazine of the American Homebrewers Association, the latest issue has a section “Ultralight Homebrewing,” which includes an article written by yours truly. The article doesn’t go into a lot of detail or have contact information, and I’ve had some people track me down with questions, so I’m hoping this blog will make it easier for people to find me.

Also this issue has nice write-up on the winners of the “Best Beers in America.” I’m proud to say Kalamazoo (Bell’s) has two beers in the top 5, and Michigan has others (Founders is one of my favorite brewers, just 45 minutes north of Kalamazoo, where I live).

It also has the 2-Hearted Clone recipe, if you didn’t already have it (2-row, C-40, Centential basically).