One Pot Brewing, Experiment Five: Red IPA and Dry Hop Aroma

With four ounces of dry hops, I thought the aroma would be a punch in the face. Not so. It’s there, but not strong. More on that later. But, to sum up, another victory for One Pot Brewing. The taste is great. The hop character is deep and dominant, the Simcoe shines through as orange and bright. The Caramel 20 makes it juicy, which I recommend. A previous version of this recipe, with only 2 Row and Roasted Barley, came out too dry. I would like it to be more red but, so far, this is as red as I can get a beer. A touch more Roasted Barley perhaps? Red Kool-Aid? Deer blood?


Red IPA  7.3%
11 lb. 2 Row
.5 lb. Car/Crys 20
4 oz. Roasted Barley
1 oz Simcoe FWH
1oz Centential 20m
2 oz Simcoe DH 5 days
2 oz Centenial DH 5 days
Safale 05

Dry Hop Aroma
Back to aroma. Based on this beer, I am left with two questions: (1) does head space in a fermenter affect hop aroma? In other words, picture dry hopping the same beer in a 5, 7, and 10 gallon vessel respectively. Would the 5 gallon vessel produce a better aroma? Does the hop aroma get eaten up by the head space? And (2) does the type of seal affect hop aroma? Some people use plastic buckets with a super tight seal (hurts your fingers to take it off!). Others use carboys with a plug. As for me, because I don’t have an air tight top for my 7.5 gallon aluminum stock pot, I simply cover it with aluminum foil, which seems air tight. However, for this beer I got lazy. I accidentally poked a hole and, lazily, rather than replacing the entire sheet of foil, patched it up with another piece of foil. It probably wasn’t air tight. I’m guessing that might be the cause, but I’m looking forward to brewing more dry hopped IPAs to see how they turn out. If this becomes an issue, I would have to transfer my big¬†IPAs into secondary vessels…never!!!!