Hunting Camp Lager

In 10 days, I will find myself with a bunch of guys, at deer camp, drinking beer and shooting deer. This is what I’m bringing. It’s my first lager. Clean, crisp, refreshing. It tastes like….a lager. It’s not my favorite beer, but it’s pretty good. The only thing my dad and uncle will possibly drink.


The recipe comes from the Brulosopher’s Munich Helles:

Munich Helles Lager
8.3 lb. Pilsner (BE)
1. 3. lb. Munich (BE)
2 oz Melaniodin
1oz German Hersbrucker FW
WLP029 German/Kolsh yeast

I’m surprised this beer turned out fine, no infection or off-flavors. After cooling it to about 90 degrees in the bath tub, I put the beer in a fermentation chamber, which, at the time, was set at 70 degrees.


It took over 24 hours to get to the pitching temperature of 58 degrees — and that’s after adding 1 gallon of ice cold water and a bunch of ice from freezer. Anyway, I pitched at 58 degrees for 5 days, then 65 for a couple days, then 75 for a couple days, then cold crashed, fined with gelatin, and bottled 16 days after brewing.

Then I waited. And waited. And…what the fuck?

It took over a month for this bitch to carbonate. This is why people use forced air kegging systems. The waiting is simply too much. Oh well. At least there is some left for hunting camp, which I why I made it to begin with.