Beer 40: Lemony Wheat Ale

Summer time and my first attempt at a wheat beer. Because the local homebrew shop was out of the hops I really wanted (Manderina Bavaria), I opted for some hops with lemon and tea character. And boy did I get it. This beer is surprisingly lemony, especially in the aroma, probably due to the “lemondrop” hops (duh) but also the Denali. It’s a very hoppy beer, but not like an IPA. The Pacific Jade, I believe, gives it a distinct tea-like character. Lemon and black tea dominate. In the summer, after cutting the grass, it’s really quite enjoyable. It comes off as a lemon-tea shandy type beer. I sorta like it, although the shandy aspect I do not. It’s lacking a malty beer profile, and the wheat isn’t apparent either. It’s probably a bit sweet, I would dial back the Honey malt or get rid of entirely. Again, I would rather try it with Manderina Bavaria hops to give it more of an orange character.

With a mere 15 minute mash and 20 minute boil, this was the fastest beer I’ve ever brewed. I didn’t time it, but I’m guessing brewday was completed within an hour. Pretty crazy. The grain-to-glass time was probably 8-10 days.


Lemon Wheat Ale
7.8 lb 2-Row
3.4 lb White Wheat malt
1 lb flaked wheat
.5 lb Honey Malt
(mashed at 150 for 15 minutes)
.5 oz Magnum (FW, 20 minute boil)
2 oz Denali
1 oz Lemondrop
1 oz Pacific Jade
1 oz German Heull Melon
WB-06 (dry yeast for wheat beer)
7 tablespoons acid to mash, no salts
finished at 1.012

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