Beer 35 (and last one): another delicious Belgian Tripel

This “One Pot Brewing” experiment, in my mind, is over. In other words, I don’t feel compelled to post every single beer and repeat the same process every single time. After all, blogging gets in the way of brewing, and easy brewing is my style. The system works, damn it, and I’m happy. My next post will probably highlight my new kegging system, showing how One Pot Brewing can easily be used for kegging or bottling (or both at the same time). And then I might take a break. My next big project is to see if a book publisher will publish a book about One Pot Brewing (it’s more work than I thought).

Anyway, this Belgian Tripel is delightful and everything I want in one of my favorite styles: big banana and clove aroma, big yeast flavor (banana and clove with a little spice), nice dry finish. It’s very drinkable and high in alcohol. The malt is not Belgian, but regular American 2-row, which I like better (which probably is fresher, converts better, and has less diacetal possibility). The hops, Saaz, gives a subtle floral note. The bitterness is low to medium. The carbonation – thanks to kegging – is high and crisp, with a white foamy head and tight ass little bubbles.


this makes the beer look darker than it really is.

Not only did this beer turn out, and not only was it mashed and boiled for a measly 30 minutes, but it was a no-chill batch. I was a little worried it might come out too bitter. Not so. This beer also took forever to start the fermentation (two days), which might be normal without a starter. But I used a vitality starter, so who knows. Relax, have a homebrew, and it came out just fine. As usual, fermentation temperature was gradually ramped up from 66F to 85F throughout fermentation, giving off the beautiful banana/clove aroma that the Tripel desperately needs.

2-Row Tripel
14 lb 2-Row
.7 lb Belgian Aromatic malt
2 lb Corn Sugar
2 oz Saaz FW (30 minute boil)
1 oz Saaz FO (no chill method)
Monestary Yeast (using a vitality starter)

Happy brewing fellas,

9 thoughts on “Beer 35 (and last one): another delicious Belgian Tripel

  1. Clint says:

    I found your site about a month ago and it inspired me to try all-grain. I hope you continue to post updates even if they are just links to other homebrew resources.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks Matt for providing me with inspiration as I started my homebrewing and debunking the complications that some home brew gurus expound. I guess its just as complicated as you want to make it – the simplicity of your method is my preferred route!

    Having just started kegging myself I look forward to reading about your kegging system.

    Cheers from Great Britain.

    Liked by 1 person

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