Beer 19: Dry, Crisp, Equinox Double IPA

I had really big expectations for this one. It’s a fine IPA, don’t get me wrong, but my expectations that were not met. With seven ounces of dry hops, all ‘Equinox,’ I was hoping for a huge tangerine hop aroma, which surprisingly doesn’t come through on this beer. Equinox is a new hop variety that is supposed to smell strongly of tangerines (I know because I’ve tried it). This beer is a dry, crisp, clear, simple Double IPA with a slight hop aroma and medium hop flavor. Even though Centenial is barley present in the recipe, I can taste it. But I’m afraid the alcohol masks the hops a little bit. It’s not hot, or warm, but you can tell the ABV is pretty high, which is not surprising if you consider the malt bill is 2-row + sugar (both highly fermentable). I also think that, after crushing finer, my efficiency is much better. My older recipes need to be rethought based on that fact. Before I would get residual sweetness from 2-row + sugar. Not anymore – bone dry. Good to know for next time. I’ll probably add some Munich or Vienna malt to the party next time, to add depth and flavor. It’s also quite bitter, but the aroma and flavor should balance that out. I don’t mind a bitter DIPA. I should also note that I dry hopped with a bag, rather than simply dumping the pellets into the fermenter. Normally I don’t do that. Perhaps that explains the lack of aroma? perhaps not.


Equinox DIPA
14.5 2-row
1 lb. Cane Sugar (end of boil)
1.8 oz. Centenial and Equinox mixture (FWH, 40 minute boil)
7 oz. Equinox (DH 3 days)
1 oz. Centenial (DH 3 days)
US-05 dry yeast

3/14 started with 8 gallons water, mashed at 152F for 40 minutes
after 33 minutes, mash dropped to 147.7F
2 hour brewday total
no chill method, added 1 gallon cold water after boil, put in cold ferm. chamber for 24 hours, pitched yeast
3/17: krusen forming
3/20: hydrometer reading 1.010 dry hopped
3/23: still 1.010, cold crash
3/26: bottled 27 22 oz. bottles

Just for the heck of it, I did a 40 minute mash and boil (instead of 30), but I still managed to have a 2 hour brewday. Gypsum was added to the mash water.

I guess that’s it. Next up: Belgian IPA.

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