Beer 18: Peach and Tangerine IPA


If you want an IPA that smells and tastes straight-up like peach and tangerine, try Galaxy hops. It’s a very different experience from traditional IPA flavor and aroma. It’s different than the flavors from Centenial and Cascade, for example. The smell is incredible. It’s bright, light on the palate, doesn’t have that velvety feel on your tongue, and, as I said, smells and tastes mostly like peach and tangerine. It’s singular, specific, not much depth. It’s not resinous or ‘dank’ (whatever that means). I do like this IPA but, rather than pairing with Citra, I would probably pair with Centenial instead. I feel it needs that traditional backbone hop flavor. This IPA, in fact, is very reminiscent of an IPA from New Belgium, especially the new ‘Citradelic’ IPA (which isn’t my favorite). Also, if I’m making changes to this recipe, I would increase the bitterness a little bit. Chilling in the snow, as my notes say, is a little unpredictable and hard for calculating IBUs. In fact, I wonder if lack of bitterness is my biggest complaint with this beer; after all, I only did a 30 minute boil.


Galaxy IPA
10.7 lb 2-Row
2.8 lb Munich
1 lb Cane Sugar (end of boil)
1 oz Magnum (FWH, 30 minute boil)
1 oz Galaxy (FO, chilled in snow afterwards)
1 oz Citra (FO)
3 oz Galaxy (DH, 2 days)
1 oz Citra (DH, 2 days)
Safale 05 yeast


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