How to Bottle in under 31 minutes (with pics)

30 minutes 47 seconds, to be exact, including clean-up and taking these silly pictures I’m about to show you. I timed myself from the beginning to the end, just because I was curious how long it actually took.

I start by sanitizing the bottles the easy way. I throw them in the washer on a high temperature ‘sanitize’ setting and let it go. I use 22 oz bottles and use about 26 of them. This does take a little planning. Done:


Into boxes:


(You could actually do this on a previous day. I have, although I don’t see a huge benefit. Just make sure to put plastic wrap over the bottles.)

Next, I clean my bottle filler, aka bottling wand, with hot water, which takes about a minute. This little sucker, by the way, really does make things go faster. Get the spring loaded one.


As you can see, there are two small pieces of tubing on the end, which allows it to attach to my spigot. Next step: um, attach to the spigot:


Bottle caps, bottler, seat, bench. All of these things, by the way, are located very close to where I bottle, in my garage. That took about two minutes.


Next, I put two domino sugar cubes in each bottle. This takes a minute, two at the most, occasionally taking a sip of beer.



Alright, time to fill em up. I fill the bottle, place it on a board next to me, put a cap on top, and continue to fill 11 more bottles. Like this:



Then cap, label, and box:


Yes, ‘R’ stands for Russian Imperial Stout. Thanks for asking. When all the bottles are done, put in 70 degree environment (I have a fermentation chamber that I set to 70, otherwise my living room closet does the job).

Cleaning, surprisingly, takes only about 5 minutes, probably less. The pot has a bunch of crap in the bottom. I swish it around, dump into a garbage bag, and dispose:


Then I rinse and hand wash the pot with cold water, outside faucet. I don’t mess with soap anymore. Clean enough:


The spigot comes off easily, and I clean it with hot water, along with the bottle filler:


That’s it folks. The entire process. Notice all the benefits with using One Pot for the entire process. You just bottled 5 gallons in under 31 minutes. Sit on the couch, flex, and have a homebrew.


Kegging is cool, don’t get me wrong, but it requires tubing and a separate fridge/chest freezer/etc. But bottling doesn’t have to be long, and can be quite enjoyable thank you very much. I can say with a straight face that I don’t mind bottling at all. I actually enjoy spending a little time in the garage, listening to some Bob Dylan, and letting gravity do its thing. But most importantly: I like being done in 30 minutes.


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