Bottling Nightmare, Oxidized Beer: Cardboard Double IPA?

So the maiden voyage with my upgraded system went smoothly, very smoothly. This was an all gain, BIAB, no sparge, 5 gallon beer. Smooth. Until bottling day. After dry hopping with over a pound of hops, some whole cones that picked myself, some from a friend, I proceeded to cold crash for a day, then added gelatin. Then, not being excited by the hop character, I added 6 more ounces of hop pellets (I think the harvested hops weren’t dryed correctly). I waited another day and said fuck it: I’m bottling this bitch.

You know where this is going. With all the shit floating everywhere, the bottling spigot got clogged. I couldn’t unclog it. So I frantically got out out my stupid ass “auto-siphon” and cleaned the stupid ass plastic tubes (which were nasty because they are impossible to dry). I tried siphoning to another vessel. After blowing a shit load of oxygen into the beer, the siphon got clogged too, reminding me how much of a piece of shit these things are. I said fuck it. I’m going to just pour the beer into another vessel. So I did (a 7.5 gallon aluminum pot that also has a spigot for bottling..the one I previously used before upgrading).

Splish, splash, splash! Wee!

Then, cold crashed for a few days, making sure all the gunk got below the spigot line. Finally, bottled, for the second time.  At this point, with all the oxygen, I had pretty much given up on this Harvest Double IPA, so my bottling technique was sloppy to say the least. More oxygen. I ended up with 37 beers instead of 50. I thought: hey, at least this will be a good experiment. Will all this oxygen ruin the taste of a DIPA?

To my surprise, no.


My wife tried the first bottle. She said it was really good. I agreed. I tried a few more. Citrus, topical, hoppy, light, crisp, not too bitter, not too velvety on the tongue, can’t taste the alcohol. I taste a lot of Centenial and Cascade. I’m not going to include the recipe because I don’t know what hops I used or how much (my friend, who gave me the hops, didn’t know what kind….I’m guessing Cascade from the taste).

Oxygen and Bottling
I’m convinced that, if you drink your beer fresh, oxygen is not that big of a deal. Otherwise this would taste bad. In the spirit of science, I would love to keep a few bottles, and see how they taste after a month, or two, or three.

But why the fuck would I do that?

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