Experiment #6: Jalapeno Beer came out nice

It’s a light, simple summer beer with a big, out-of-the-garden jalapeno aroma, big jalapeno flavor, and a subtle heat that slides down the throat. Pretty much what I was going for, a nice beer, although I thought the heat was a tad low (next time, 3 peppers instead of 2). The peppers are sliced up and tossed in towards the end of the boil. I probably let them sit in the fermenter too, although I can’t remember that important detail. I think that gives it the big, garden-like aroma, just like dry hopping with hops. The malt bill is simple but nice, just a touch of sweetness from the caramel crystal 20. The hops are not prominent at all, which seems bizarre looking at the recipe.


Jalapeno Beer  6.8%
10.5 lb 2-row
.5 lb carm/crys 20
1 oz S. Ace FW
1 oz Centenial FW
1 oz S. Ace FO
1 oz Cent. FO

I believe I did a 45 minute mash and boil for this one, which didn’t seem to have an ill effects; I fermented for about a week, then cold crashed, added gelatin, and bottled with the amazing Domino Sugar Dots. The carbonation seems fine to me, and everything went well and smooth.

I should note that, for almost all the beers I make, I take them to my local homebrew club (Kalamazoo Libation Organization for Brewers) for other homebrewers to taste and comment on. In other words, I do get some input. At our last meeting, everyone seemed to like this beer. Many people commented that they liked the subtle heat because a lot of craft-beer examples are overwhelmingly hot.

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