Domino Sugar Cubes to Carbonate: effective and very cheap

If you carbonate using bottles, and especially if you bottle directly from the fermenter (like me), then you will be very excited to hear about this. Confusingly, the box calls them “Dots” but they are sugar cubes – pure cane sugar, to be exact – and they fit perfectly into bottles. And they are cheap, and available at the grocery store (no more special trips to the homebrew store). I used two cubes per 22 oz bottle and they came out nicely carbed. They took about two weeks, although one batch only took one week. I have carbed three batches with them: a Red IPA, Brown, and Jalapeno Ale. All were good.


Price wise, this is a game changer, a major improvement from what I was using. Carb Drops were sort of the Achilles heel of One Pot Brewing; although convenient, too expensive considering the fact they are just….sugar. They were costing me about 4 dollars per batch (50 beers). Domino Sugar Cubes, on the other hand, cost about 50 cents per batch! In other words, one box will make around 100 22oz bottles, about 3.8 batches of beer.

I will continue to use these on all future batches.

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