I Have a Leaky Spigot with a Yellow Discharge. Is this bad?

Update: this has been fixed.

While fermenting an English IPA in my new One Pot Brewing system (this will be beer #2), I noticed this about 5 days into fermentation:


fermentation closet (literally)

Shit! Although that’s not much wasted beer (about a cup), I consider this a failure in the system. I talk a big game, but One Pot Brewing is an experiment; therefore, I am fully comfortable with failure. In full disclosure, I noticed a little bit of leaking in my first batch, while heating up the mash water. Oddly enough, it stopped after 10 minutes, and never started again. Now it started again.

I’m hoping that this particular spigot is faulty. It has nothing to do with the seal, I know that. I did notice that the lever is a big loose. Serendipitously, amazon accidentally shipped two spigots instead of one, so I’m going to try the other one. If that leaks, I have two options: get a better spigot, or deal with it by placing a glass under my fermenter. And yes, that’s a little rhino underneath the fermenter (he forces the nasty trub away from the spigot, to the back part of the fermenter, probably not necessary).

As of yesterday, I moved the beer into a mini-fridge to cold crash. I wonder if it will stop leaking?

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