First Time Using One Pot Brewing: a slight “Victory”

After my first batch of One Pot Brewing (video), the results are a slight victory, meaning I used over half of Victory malt and, most importantly, nothing went wrong – no off-flavors, no oxidation, no metalic taste (that I can tell), and the process was beautifully simple, fast, and easy (except the spigot leaked about a cup of water, and then stopped, weird…but I fixed it).

Yes, you can use one pot for the entire beer making process. Yes you can mash and boil for 30 minutes (full brewday was 1:47). Yes you can ferment in aluminum. Yes, cold crashing in a mini-fridge works well. Yes, gelatin clears the shit out of the beer. Yes you can bottle directly from a spigot attached to your fermenter (something I already knew).  I did all these things, and they all worked, and the beer was a slight victory.IMG_20150410_183852248

Slight because honestly, the beer is a tad bitter and therefore out of balance (both my wife and I agree); which, now that I actually look at the recipe, and actually punch it into brewtoad (65 IBU), this makes sense:

Spring Victory  7.5%  $23  40.3 beers
7.5 lb. 2-row
4.5 lb Victory
1 oz Warrior FW (about 35 minutes)
1oz Fuggles 10m
1oz Chinook 10m
San Diego Super Yeast (vial)

Besides the bitterness (what was I thinking?), it’s good. I will drink the shit out of it, don’t get me wrong. With this recipe, I had two goals in mind: I wanted to know what Victory malt tastes like (it’s nutty, but not super bready in my opinion), and I wanted to use San Diego Super Yeast so that I could harvest and reuse it in future brews (it performed well, and doesn’t add any flavor to the beer).

I also learned that cold crashing with gelatin means two things: very clear beer and waiting longer to carbonate your bottles. Which I will have to get used to. This was my first time cold crashing and using gelatin. Previously, it would only take 4-6 days to carbonate. Now, it’s taking closer to two weeks. It’s worth it because appearance has a profound effect on taste.

As for process, I learned that it doesn’t get much easier, simpler, and faster than One Pot Brewing. It went very smoothly. Brewday was 1 hour, 47 minutes. Although, oddly, the spigot leaked a little bit while heating up the mash water – and then stopped. I may have lost a cup of water. Something to keep an eye on. I don’t think this is the best quality spigot. Fermentation took about 5 days. Cold crashed for about 4 days (added gelatin after one day cold crashing). Bottling took about 30 minutes total (not including the time when the bottles were sanitizing in the dishwasher…I don’t count that as work (in fact, I was at work)). Carbonating took about 2 weeks.

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